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Trail Centre

Green (Easy) Derwen - Green 9.20km 500m
This is a fun ride flowing through oak woodland, without any technical difficulties - a great introduction to mountain biking.
Blue (Moderate) Derwen - Green and Blue 14.00km 800m
The Blue section of the Derwen trail extends the Green with a short, hilly loop.
Red (Difficult) Gorlech 19.00km 1071m
Gorlech has a hard, fast, all weather surface which is ridable by intermediate riders, but also rewards the more experienced rider who can carry more speed through the berms, switchbacks, ...
Black (Severe) Raven 19.00km 725m
The Raven trail mixes up the more traditional narrow woodland singletracks with Brechfa’s signature brash descents: fast, undulating trail that sweeps between trees and flows sinuously into berms and over ...

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