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South West England

Ashton Court (2)

Blue (Moderate) Nova Trail 6.50km
The route offers a rewarding experience for relative novices and more experienced riders. The Nova Trail winds around Ashton Court Estate, packing in non-stop flowing enjoyment along the way. The ...
Red (Difficult) Super Nova Trail 0.80km
This short, technical descent, has testing features including doubles, step ups, rock gardens and berm after berm! Best ridden as an add on to the Nova Trail.

Forest of Dean (4)

Blue (Moderate) Enduro 2011 14.00km 330m
This trail was used for the 2011 Enduro race. It is not way-marked.
Green (Easy) Forest of Dean Family Cycle Trail 18.00km
Mostly using old railway tracks, this wide, well marked trail loops through the forest.
Red (Difficult) Freeminer Trail 5.00km
Previously known as the FODCA trail. Short and getting a little worn in places. Improvements and extensions are under way (October 2011).
Blue (Moderate) Verderer's Trail 11.00km
New in 2011. Lots of flowy singletrack with an optional steeper red/difficult finish.

Leigh Woods (1)

Blue (Moderate) Yer-Tiz Trail 3.60km
A 'moderate' Blue grade narrow and engaging trail weaving it’s way through the woodland. The trail features berms (banked corners) rollers (bumps) and drops and climbs. The trail requires a ...

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